Don’t Ignore the Importance of a Unique Logo for Your Business

If you are one of those people who think that apart from the best business practices and hard work, the logo or representation of your business doesn’t hold much importance; you need to rethink. Try to visualize some of the top global brands and see what comes to your mind first. The company name, their CEO, or their logo. I think you must’ve got the answer by now!

Some of the top global brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nike, McDonalds, Adidas, Puma, General Electrics (GE), etc. are recognized by their logos. Regardless of their location across the globe, people recognize these brands by their logo and these are usually their first choices as well. This leads to us to the second question; why logos are so important?

Well, let’s find out!

  • Logo Creates a Unique Business Identity

A unique logo design that is imprinted on your website, social media accounts, business card, and on your products, creates an identity for your business. This is a universal identity that represents your business in a compact and subliminal way. It tells what type of products and services you offer and what your customers should expect. Additionally, your business logo also makes you stand apart from your competition.

For instance, different companies in the pizza business have their unique logos that are completely different from each other and appeal to their unique customer base. Pizza Hut shows a Hat and their name on their logo while Domino’s literally has a tilted domino as their logo. Both come under the top 5 pizza brands in the world and have their own unique customer base.

  • Logo Can Provide Great First Impressions

Your logo is the personality of your brand that adds a human element to your business. And different colors, shapes, and designs appeal people in their own way. Your logo often makes your business exciting in the minds of the people. An expressive and appealing logo gives a positive first impression and will most certainly drive sales.

For instance, the largest online shopping brand, Amazon uses a smile under their name as their logo. Such a simple logo design is quite appealing to many (this clearly reflects from their sales figures) as it gives a distinct identity to the business and also pushes them to constantly work on their customer service (which is already quite fantastic) to keep their customers smiling.

  • Logo Encourages Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is one thing that every businesses thrives for, regardless of their size. Although your brand loyalty is a direct outcome of many factors such as the quality of your product and services, your communication with customers, and how you improve your product and/or services, your business logo can still bypass many of these factors and help you create your brand identity and loyalty faster.

For instance, how do you feel when your preferred brand or service provider changes or updates their logo? I’m sure most of you feel irritated for quite some time. This is because your eyes and your mind becomes familiar with a certain image associated to a business that you prefer and as soon as the business changes it, it becomes hard for you to subconsciously associate yourself to the brand. This is the importance of a business logo when talking about the brand loyalty.

  • Logo Facilitates Easy Placement

Your business logo is a small, compact design that virtually doesn’t consume space and can be easily placed anywhere from your products to your business card, social media accounts, and on your merchandise. Such a scenario is like a consistently running advertising campaign that costs virtually nothing and still conveys your brand’s message to your existing and potential audience. All you have to do is to design a logo that is able to express your brand values and is in-line with your marketing strategy.

The takeaway is that whether you are a SMB or a startup started from scratch, your business logo is something that you should never compromise with. This is one of the most important factors for establishing your business as a brand and for boosting sales as well.